Educational Requirements

You must have 300 hours of  both General Education and Specific Vet Med  Classes

The Veterinary Medical Board does not have requirements about how many hours need to be designated to each subject.  The total hours have to be at least 300 hours.

General Education Requirements: NO time requirement for date of completion

Chemistry – Mathematics – Biology – Microbiology – Anatomy – Physiology – Medical terminology

Converting College Education to Hours for the VMB

The education shall consist of a total of

20 semester units OR 30 quarter units OR 300 hours of instruction

Use the conversion below to combine quarters and semesters to hours.

  • · 1 semester unit = 15 lecture hours
  • · 1 quarter unit = 10 lecture hours

Click here for DVS offering of Anatomy and Physiology

Veterinary Specific Classes: Must be completed within 5 years of the time of Application

  • Dental prophylaxis and extraction
  • Anesthetic instrumentation, induction and monitoring
  • Surgical nursing and assisting, including instrumentation
  • Suturing techniques
  • Application of casts and splints
  • Radiography and radiation safety
  • Diseases and nursing of animals, including zoonotic diseases
  • Emergency veterinary care
  • IV Catheter placement