1. Do I have to be an Registered Veterinary Technician to attend?

    No, while the program is targetted to this level of student, anyone is welcome in the class.

  2. Do I need to attend the entire day?
    The registration fee grants you access to all CE lectures.  Lectures are not sold individually.If you are unable to attend the entire day, you will receive CE credit for the lectures attended in full.  We will post a schedule so that you may plan accordingly.  However, the schedule is subject to change and refunds will not be provided.
  3. Do I need to have a PayPal Account?

    No.  When checking out, you can choose between “Check Out” or “Check Out with PayPal”.

  4. Why won’t my credit card work?

    When entering payment details online, ensure all information is exactly the same as printed on your billing statement.  Failure to do so may result in your card not being approved by our online security measures.Also, if you already have a PayPal account linked to that form of payment, PayPal requires you to login with your userid and password

  5. Who can I contact for more information?